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Extraction Forceps - Small
Art No : DS-001
These fine extraction forceps are designed to grasp small teeth. The spring action allows their
use without excessive force being applied to the toot...
Extraction Forceps
Art No : DS-002
Extraction forceps are used to grasp the tooth and remove from the socket after it is loosened. The small size and spring in the handle helps prevent ...
Small Dog or Cat Right
Art No : DS-003
Easier extraction of cat, small dog and deciduous teeth. Parallel right
angle jaws reduce the risk of tooth fracture during extraction. By not meetin...
Tartar Removing Forceps
Art No : DS-004
The curved beak of the forceps allow for easy removal of heavy calculus from the tooth surface, decreasing the chance of fracturing the tooth.
Root Tip Extraction Forceps
Art No : DS-005
Root tip extractions forceps have grooved tips with fine curved ends ideal for root extraction.
6 / 150mm.
Fragment Extraction Forceps
Art No : DS-006
Root fragment forceps are ideal for broken root fragments and small delicate teeth.
5 1/2/ 138mm.
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