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Udder Infusion Cannula
Art No : DS-4221
The stainless steel cannula with a luer adapter is used for flushing teats or infusing medication into teats. Also used for abdominal taps in hores.
Teat Dilator
Art No : DS-4205
Teat Dilator
Teat Dilator With Screw
Art No : DS-4206
Teat Dilator With Screw
French Pattern Teat Knife
Art No : DS-4203
French Pattern Teat Knife
Hug's Teat Knife
Art No : DS-4200
Length: 15cm
Blade: 125mm
Teat Syphons, Hauptner
Art No : DS-4222
Cannula with bulbous end to take rubber tubing.
Size 8,5cm
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